Bracell Limited is one of the largest specialty cellulose producers in the world. We produce different grades of high-purity dissolving wood pulp, which are natural raw-materials and key ingredients to everyday items from textiles, baby wipes and sunglass frames, to soft ice-cream, sausage casings and pharmaceuticals, and industrial products such as tires cords.

We will focus on two products: specialty grade DWP and rayon grade DWP. Our business in Brazil, including Bahia Specialty Cellulose (BSC), is one of the largest dissolving wood pulp producers in the world. It operates over 150,000 hectares of plantation land, of which approximately 84,000 hectares are planted with eucalyptus, with its own nursery and research center dedicated to producing high quality raw materials (wood fiber) in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

Nearby is our Camaçari mill, with a designed production capacity of 485,000 metric tons per annum of dissolving wood pulp. Its product range is one of the broadest in the industry with end uses varying from sunglass frames to cigarette filters, high performance tires cords, food stuffs, pharmaceuticals, detergents and a number of other items.

Our particular focus on the specialty grade pulp market reduces our exposure to market cyclicality. Specialty grade pulp has a higher barrier of entry and a more stable and upward price trend. We are already the number two player in the world in terms of potential production capacity.

Bracell Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 1768).

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Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

With our corporate office in Hong Kong, we operate a sales, marketing and customer service network covering Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Our dissolving wood pulp is produced from sustainable wood plantations in Brazil and used by customers in a broad range of products including cosmetics, cigarette filters, high-performance tires cords and sausage casings.