We have our operations situated in strategic locations that provide high growth opportunities and proximity to the world’s key markets.


Our company’s raw materials are sourced from our own sustainable eucalyptus plantation in Bahia State, Brazil. The local climate is conducive to the fast growth of trees which produce high quality fiber.

Nearby is the Camaçari Industrial Complex where our Bahia Specialty Cellulose (BSC) mill is located. This technologically advanced mill has an annual production capacity of 485,000 metric tons, making it one of the largest mills in the world that also has one of the broadest product lines in the industry.

Having close access to raw materials as well as a deepwater port nearby at the coastal city of Salvador makes the mill well positioned for manufacturing as well as exporting to customers around the world.

Our corporate office in Hong Kong further enables us to quickly and efficiently service global markets.


Our plantation and manufacturing operations are reinforced by a sales, marketing and customer support network covering Europe, the Americas and Asia.