Through our Brazilian operations, we own and operate over 150,000 hectares of freehold plantation land in Brazil, of which approximately 84,000 hectares are planted with eucalyptus. Taking advantage of Brazil’s favorable climate and soil conditions, Bahia Specialty Cellulose's advanced eco-friendly planting techniques help produce a sustainable supply of high quality wood, the main raw materials used in making dissolving wood pulp.

Our nursery covers approximately 21 hectares of land and can produce 40 million seedlings a year. Our research center focuses on improving wood plantation management techniques as well as improving our plantation species to deliver high wood fiber productivity while balancing silvicultural, ecological, and environmental considerations. Plantation land is interspersed with natural forest, preserving the natural habitat of the indigenous flora and fauna in the areas of operation.

The average age for harvesting our eucalyptus trees is six to seven years, when the trees reach 35 meters in height. In other parts of the world, hardwood trees can take up to 50 years to attain this height, thus giving us a competitive advantage.

These trees are then harvested and transformed into a range of intermediate products at Bahia Specialty Cellulose's mill located in the nearby Camaçari Industrial Complex, one of the largest industrial complexes in Latin America.