At our mill in Brazil we produce both rayon grades and specialty grades of dissolving wood pulp. Our products are known for their high purity, minimal inorganic pollutants, optimal whiteness and viscosity; highlight desirable properties that make them suitable for use in many applications.

They are ideal for conversion into textiles and non-woven products for household, hygiene, medical and industrial absorbent products, cellophane fibers, viscose sponges and sponge cloths, and textile rayon filaments.

Other applications include: reinforcing material in high performance tires; providing viscosity for thickeners in toothpaste, detergents and pharmaceuticals; and for providing filterability and taste-neutrality for cigarette filters.

Rayon-Grade Pulp

  • Viscose Staple Fiber (textiles, non-wovens including baby wipes, cosmetic face masks, etc.)
  • Lyocell and viscose filament (textile and non-wovens)
  • Cellophane, sponges

Specialty-Grade Pulp

  • Acetates (cigarette filters, resins)
  • Microcrystaline cellulose ("MCC") (pharmaceuticals)
  • Industrial filament (tire cords)
  • Other specialty applications (sausage casings, cosmetics, etc.)

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